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What is Cirque? 

"Cirque" refers to a type of performance that combines elements of acrobatics, gymnastics, dance, and theater. It originated from the traditional circus arts but has evolved into a more contemporary and artistic form. Cirque performances often take place in specialized venues, such as Cirque du Soleil shows, where highly skilled artists showcase their abilities on various apparatuses like fabrics, hoops, trapezes, and more. The performers demonstrate incredible strength, flexibility, and grace as they execute aerial acrobatic maneuvers, creating a visually stunning and awe-inspiring spectacle for the audience.

What should I expect in classes?

You may anticipate a hard and enjoyable workout that is based on acrobatics skills performed on various cirque apparatus. Our courses start with a complete warm-up, then we introduce progressive skills on aerial silks, trapeze and aerial hoop. Each practice is finished with stretching, conditioning, and a review of the class

What do I need for class?

1- Complete the online Registration

2- Wear clothes you are comfortable to workout in, preferably leggings and a leotard or fitted shirt.

3- Have hair tied up and out of your face.

How big are the classes? 

We maintain a ratio of one coach to eight to ten students. Due to these restrictions, we do ask athletes to preregister for sessions in order to ensure that you will have a seat in the class when you show up.


Monday             5:00-6:30pm

Wednesday       3:30-4:30pm

Thursday           4:30-5:30pm

Friday                3:30-4:30pm

Saturday           10:00-11:00am

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